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LWC Board 2022.jpeg

Board of Directors  2022-2023

LWC PastPres 2023.JPG

LWC Past Presidents 2023

 The Lubbock Women's Club is home to

* The Lubbock Women's Club

* The Junior Women's Club

* Over 50 Participating Clubs



We are delighted you have expressed an interest in the Club, and would be honored for you to join us. The members of The Lubbock Women’s Club and The Junior Women’s Club strive to maintain the traditions of the long-standing organization and support the women in this community, while providing a great place to make new friends, enjoy wonderful programs, and eat delicious meals. 


By paying an application fee and annual membership dues and upon board approval, you may make reservations and pay for the lunch, dinner, party, or event you desire to attend. No quotas or meetings are required. Our newly-remodeled facility is also a great place to have weddings, meetings, parties and receptions. Our staff and chef are exceptional.


Please contact if you would like more information on joining The Lubbock Women’s Club or The Junior Women’s Club.  You may complete the application form below and provide payment by check or by credit card at the Club.   We look forward to hearing from you!

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